Concerto provides equity and fixed income indices covering local and international capital markets for use in benchmarking and reporting. Our indices provide alternatives to investors seeking high quality indices in developed, emerging or frontier markets.


Developed Markets

Concerto provides bond and equtiy indices for developed markets. Our indices are high quality alternatives for users of existing benchmarks and data. All indices are available with the constituent data and index weights. They are indices in their own right developed and maintained by Concerto and powered by market data from international data vendors. 



 CFS XX 600 Europe 20160216


CFS M Series Germany 20160216


CFS M Series Japan 20160216


Custom Indices

We create affordable custom indices for global or local capital markets. Our custom indices are delivered with all related data, including risk figues if requested. Concerto custom indices cover a wide range of modifications, for example: indices hedged in a different currency, that exclude or cap a country or sector, composites that combine indices with differing methodologies or asset classes to indices with alternative weighting schemes such by risk figures or other methodologies.

Our state-of-the-art index system enables to to provide very short turnaround times for most customized index requests.



The CFS African Bond Index (CABI) is the first independent family of multi-contributor fixed income indices for African local currency sovereign debt. They include headline Pan-African, regional and country indices. The indices are calculated and published daily and expressed in several different currencies.

The CFS African Bill Indices (CABILL) are the first series of Treasury Bill indices that benchmark local short-term refinancing instruments in a number of African countries. The indices are calculated and published daily.



Our very extensive, consistent and up-to-date database on global bond and equity markets as well as African debt, allows us to provide our customers with daily high quality index realted information for many aspects of asset management, banking and trading. 

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