What we do!


We develop strategies to increase transparency and liquidity in markets. We identify and create new markets and new asset classes from which financial products are created.

Bespoke/Custom Indices:

We provide custom/bespoke indices in equity, fixed income and other asset classes. Our tailor-made services are geared to address specific customer requirements and which include a full range of ancillary index related services. We leverage more than 30 years of experience in designing, administering and calculating innovative indices constructed and delivered to highest quality standards.


The concepts we develop involve market participants to create consensus solutions for the benefit of market growth and sustainability. This includes the development of representative indices and data.


We implement the concepts that we create. Our extensive know-how in market data, data verification and IT enables us to execute robust solutions efficiently.


Developing New Markets:

Technological and regulatory changes are important drivers that stimulate the creation of new asset classes and help transform illiquid assets into tradable securities. In many cases trading new assets - either OTC or on exchanges - requires bringing together interested market players and support in the development of new market platforms.

Concerto consults with financial institutions including brokers, exchanges, investment banks, funds, regulators and supranational institutions, in their quest to build new markets, and to get them ready for trading new products. Our activities support the creation of more liquidity and transparency for new asset classes and new markets, thus ensuring their success and sustainable development.

For new market ideas that require funding through sponsors, we assist initiators in forming consortia to create the relevant marketplaces.

In the past we have been instrumental in establishing globally traded bond and credit derivative indices